Use Greenseal EPDM to create the pond of your dreams

March 2nd, 2010

Use Greenseal Pond Liners To Create The Pond Of Your Dreams


The world as we know seems to be constantly transforming into a place where we can enjoy the natural benefits and joys of our planet less and less. Forests and plains are constantly being eradicated in order to accommodate more residential areas, supermarkets, office buildings and so on. Consequently, a large number of people from the United Kingdom and other countries from all around the world are being drawn to the idea of having their own personal oasis right in their own back yard. While traditionally people were only directed to creating gardens, with the advances made in the field of flexible materials, it is now quite easy and cost effective to build your own pond in your back yard.


The best choice seems to be Flexible Lining Products Limited own brand Greenseal Pond Liners, made out of  EPDM Rubber. Greenseal Rubber is a fantastic material which is not only flexible but is also totally UV resistant. This type of liner is now readily available to customers from the United Kingdom, and other countries at prices that make these Greenseal Pond Liners more than affordable to basically anyone interested in having their own personal pond. Because Greenseal EPDM is a very flexible and malleable material, Greenseal Rubber Pond Liners do not restrict owners from deciding upon the dimensions of their future ponds. When compared to any of the other alternatives that may be used for creating a pond, the benefits of installing Flexible Lining Products Greenseal Pond Liners become all the more visible.


The first factor, which is what many people consider to be the most important, is repair options. Regular, fixed, cement liners are extremely costly to repair, as any defects that might appear require owners to drain the entire pond, hire professionals to repair the damage, wait for the repairs to dry, and then refill the pond. When adding these costs to the initial costs, you can easily see that this solution is not near as effective as FLP’s Greenseal Pond Liners made out of Greenseal EPDM which is extremely resistant. And if any punctures do appear in the Greenseal Rubber material, they can easily be repaired by absolutely anyone cheap and fast, having the pond back like it used to be in just a couple of hours. As people have their own set requirements and expectations, the company that provides United Kingdom customers with Greenseal Pond Liners namely Flexible Lining Products Ltd is offering a wide selection of products, featuring thicknesses including 0.75mm, 0.85mm and 1.00mm and sizes.


In order to assure their clients will not have any problems with their registered trade mark Greenseal Pond Liners based on Greenseal rubber materials, manufacturers offer clients a lifetime warrantee for any manufacturing defects. When it comes to how thin or thick the Greenseal Rubber must be, you should know that it all depends on the actual size of your future pond versus the application requirement. Greenseal Rubber pond liners are the brand name of Flexible Lining Products first introduced by them into the United Kingdom in early 2003

FLP’s Greenseal Lake Liners – the right choice

March 2nd, 2010

Wondering If Greenseal Lake Liners Are The Right Choice For You?

People in the UK have always been interested in having their own private lake on their property, and until know the only solutions were concrete and other fixed liners which are not only costly but also expensive to maintain. With Flexible Lining Products Greenseal Lake Liners, however, property owners are only required to make an initial investment. The installation process for Greenseal Lake Liners is pretty straight forwards and does not require persons performing the installation to have received previous training. Greenseal Rubber is a fantastic material that ensures a very large life span with practically no chances for it ever having to be replaced.

The company presenting Greenseal Rubber Lake Liners to UK based customers offer them the option of purchasing entire Greenseal in roll forms or Greenseal Lake Liners in prefabricated sheets that are already to specifications. This material does not incorporate any harmful chemicals or other hazardous substances, so that any wild life present will be able to flourish. Also, the costs for the manufacturing of FLP’s Greenseal Lake Liners are significantly lower than those for other materials which also incorporate natural rubber.

Greenseal Rubber products are 100% synthetic, in order to present its customers with a further reassurance as to the characteristics of the Greenseal Lake Liners, all FLP’s Greenseal products come with a life time guarantee against any latent manufacturing defects. Unlike most other materials used for lining lakes and ponds, Greenseal Rubber Lake Liners are extremely easy to repair, and any tears or leaks can be repaired within one hour. The process of preparing the surfaces which accommodate the greenseal lake liners is not different from the processes required for other techniques.

First, you need to mark the dimensions of the future lake or large pond. Shape and size are not an issue as FLP’s Greenseal EPDM is a very versatile material and can be cut to very precise specifications. The next step is to excavate the surface according to the specified depth ensuring that the necessary precautions for under membrane drainage / gas venting if required. The final but probably most important step is to ensure that not only the anchor trench detailing is correct but steps are made to ensure the liner is covered for both cosmetic and practical reasons before actually filling the surface with water..

In the UK, Flexible Lining Products Limited created their own brand name and now registered trade mark Greenseal Rubber Pond & Lake Liners offering its customers with full support in terms of guidance, and installation services (part of full). This type of product is especially designed and fabricated to be used for lining lakes and ponds, and for any other uses customers are advised to make inquiries.

Anyone considering pond or lake liners should use materials that are suitable for their purposes, and avoid products which could fail prematurely i.e. not being UV stable, thus making Greenseal Rubber far superior to other materials, including PVC which is notorious for its predisposition to cracking on the surfaces which are not covered by water, or protected from the sun.

Flexible Lining Products Limited Greenseal Rubber (EPDM) brand name and trade mark lake & pond liner material

January 20th, 2010

FLEXIBLE LINING PRODUCTS Ltd are the UK’s leading  DIRECT SUPPLIER of premium quality own brandname and trade mark material Greenseal Rubber, for applications which include pond liner,lake liner, tailored or box welded liner, water tank liners, antenuation ponds,slurry pits, ornamental,garden and wildlife ponds and many bespoke applications.

FLP target not only the home owner and professional contractor direct,but the aquatic retailer ,horticulture,landscaper and and industrial market sectors.

We have increased our range significantly over the past few years enabling us to offer an unrivalled selection of materials and engineered solutions for a variety of applications including Weed Control, Erosion Prevention, Ground Stabilisation,Slope Reinforcement, Root Protection Barriers, Pavement,Drainage and other landscaping materials.Please view our main website for further information.

We are able to offer our customers a consistent and highly specialised service, credible knowledge base, expert technical support and design information to ensure an economical quality solution to any project or application.If required we can provide a project management, full or part installation service directly or through one of our approved installers.

Our main website:


January 20th, 2010

Flexible Lining Products Limited have been very proud to be involved in full and part installations of numerous projects throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Our services also extend to a full site survey and hard and soft landscaping if required.

FLP’s own brand and trade mark material Greenseal Rubber has been widely accepted as a superior and cheaper alternative to Butyl Rubber. Applications for our material include pond liner, lake liner, slurry pit liner, water tank liners, box welded and tailored liners, ornamental and numerous other applications.

Here are only a sample where our FLP Greenseal Rubber has been used.

Wilcombe Primary School  W.Sussex wildlife pond                             
Headfield Junior School W.Yorkshire wildlife pond
Stakesby Community Primary School Whitby wildlife pond
Coldwell Activity Centre Burnley wildlife pond
Sunnyside Community Garden London wildlife pond
Dunchurch Junior School Coventry wildlife pond
Bassetts Farm Primary School Exmouth wildlife pond
Brynllywarch Hall School Kerry wildlife pond
Dell Primary School Lowestoft wildlife pond
Crossdale Primary School Keyworth wildlife pond
Faculty of Science,Kingston University ornamental pond
University of Aberdeen,Ocean Lab Dept Aberdeen bespoke box weld
St Andrews First School Blyth wildlife pond

Blackpool Borough Council Blackpool landscaping
City Council OF Swansea Swansea canal lining
Devon County Council Devon reservoir
Nottinghamshire County Council Nottingham wildlife pond
Dorset County Council Langton Matravers wildlife pond
Blyth Valley Borough Council Northumberland ornamental pond
Solihull County Council Solihull canal lining
Thames Valley Water London reed bed
Leeds County Council Park & Recreational Ponds

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust W.Sussex wildlife pond
Devon Wildlife Trust Exeter wildlife pond
Sussex Downs Conservation Fund Brighton wildlife pond
Rodley Nature Reserve Yorkshire wildlife pond
National Trust, Mount Stewart N.Ireland reed bed

Pinewood Studios Iver Heath Maltese Advert
Elstree Film Studios Herts Batman – Batcave Waterfall Basin
BBC Casualty Bristol holding pond
The Old Vic Theatre Company London set prop
ITV – The Bill  set props (ongoing)
Gardeners World  wildlife pond

Effective Golf Practise Centre Luton water hazzard
Les Mirandes Country Club Dordogne,France water hazzard
Woll Golf Course Selkirkshire water hazzard
Huntswood Golf Club Burnham water hazzard
Thorney Park Golf Course Iver water hazzard

Northallerton Equestrian Centre Northallerton water course jump
The Gubbins, Askett Bucks water course jump

Sir Alan Titchmarsh  private home
Hampton Court Estate Herefordshire ornamental pond
Coes Hall Rotherfield ornamental pond
Benholm Castle Kincardneshire ornamental pond
Severn End Estate,Hanley Castle Worcestershire landscaping
The Dower House Stafford ornamental lake
Organic Meats & Products,Newburgh,Scotland (settlement ponds)
Callington Road Hospital,Bristol (ornamental ponds)
FW Hughes & Sons – Mold (slurry pit liner)
Ferme Fruitere,Bois Robert,Dieppe – France (reservoir)
Tropical Wings,South Woodham Ferrers,Essex (wildlife pond)
Mr A.Russell, Crediton,Devon (wildlife pond)
Wessex Water (reed beds)
Borneview Farm,Uckfield,East Sussex (slurry pit)
Tips,Newtownabbey,N.Ireland (Landfill Cover)
Mount Pleasant Farm,Somerset (Slurry Pit)
Ginnslaa,Loch Head of Keys,Aberdeenshire (Trout Pond)
MJ Wier & Co,Paris,France (Wildlife Pond)
Mr S.Beck,Radstock (Ornamental pond)
Halfway Road,Banbridge,Co.Down (Wildlife pond)

FLP Greenseal Rubber Technical Datasheet

January 20th, 2010

FLP Swedish Greenseal Rubber (EPDM) 

FLP Greenseal Rubber EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a synthetic rubber similar to butyl and manufactured in Sweden by Trelleborg Building Systems – who also manufacture butyl rubber. As a material, Greenseal Rubber has superior properties to Butyl and cheaper, making it both an attractive and economical solution for any project.  Benefits compared to butyl of equivalent thickness        Lower cost both initially and long-term        Higher UV stability        Greater tolerance to weather extremes        Superior Strength        Lower environmental impact  The following table lists some physical comparisons between the two 0.75mm materials; Properties                                       Greenseal                               ButylTensile strength                                 9.0Mpa                                    7.5MpaTear strength                                    30KN/m                                  20KN/m

Elongation at break                          300%                                       300%

Brittle point                                     -40°C                                      -30°C   

Properties after ageing               168h/121°C

Tensile Strength                               7.5Mpa                                    6.0Mpa Elongation at break                         300%                                       200% 

Available in            0.75mm thickness         0.85mm thickness         1.0mm thickness 


Material colour: Black Material appearance: Slightly “embossed or textured “ surfaceState: Cured

Solids: 100%Greenseal Rubber:       Trade mark & brand name of Flexible Lining Products Ltd

Greenseal Lake Liners & Greenseal Pond Liners

January 20th, 2010

In February 2003 Flexible Lining Products Limited introduced our own brand Greenseal Rubber EPDM into the UK market. Our Greenseal Rubber EPDM material is now widely accepted as a preferred superior alternative to Butyl Rubber. Flexible Lining Products Ltd had to trade mark our own brand “Greenseal Rubber” in order to protect our interest, investment and long-term commitment towards our own brand which we created & developed specifically for the UK market. Our Greenseal Rubber Lake and Pond Liners are all manufactured by Trelleborg, Sweden, not in the UK. We are able to supply direct.

GREENSEAL LAKE LINER : Available in 0.75mm  0.85mm   &  1.00mm material

FLP own brandname Greenseal Rubber EPDM has been installed sucessfully in thousands of applications throughout the UK including school wildlife ponds, councils parks and recreation, nature reserves, commercial projects, film/television and theatre – the list goes on and on………..Greenseal Lake Liners can be purchased direct from ourselves

Features & Benefits
Not affected by UV light, temperature or age
Colour of material – Black

Available material thickness – 0.75mm ; 0.85mm ; 1.0mm

Resists compressive loads and ground movement

Unique ability to adapt itself to the substrate

Reverts back to original form

Does not contain any plasticisers or additives – no leaching

Does not shrink, lose weigth or become brittle

Animal and plant friendly ( 100% non toxic to all aquatic and plant life)

Tear strength and tensile strength greater than Butyl

Exceeds Butyl Rubber in over 60% of physical properties tested

Looks and feels the same as Butyl Rubber

Can be vulcanised in the same process as Butyl

Lifetime guarantee (Equivalent to 25 years under UK Commercial Law) 

Cheaper and a superior quality material to Butyl Rubber

Services provided by us

– Full or part installation service

– Site surveys

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