Greenseal Lake Liners & Greenseal Pond Liners

In February 2003 Flexible Lining Products Limited introduced our own brand Greenseal Rubber EPDM into the UK market. Our Greenseal Rubber EPDM material is now widely accepted as a preferred superior alternative to Butyl Rubber. Flexible Lining Products Ltd had to trade mark our own brand “Greenseal Rubber” in order to protect our interest, investment and long-term commitment towards our own brand which we created & developed specifically for the UK market. Our Greenseal Rubber Lake and Pond Liners are all manufactured by Trelleborg, Sweden, not in the UK. We are able to supply direct.

GREENSEAL LAKE LINER : Available in 0.75mm  0.85mm   &  1.00mm material

FLP own brandname Greenseal Rubber EPDM has been installed sucessfully in thousands of applications throughout the UK including school wildlife ponds, councils parks and recreation, nature reserves, commercial projects, film/television and theatre – the list goes on and on………..Greenseal Lake Liners can be purchased direct from ourselves

Features & Benefits
Not affected by UV light, temperature or age
Colour of material – Black

Available material thickness – 0.75mm ; 0.85mm ; 1.0mm

Resists compressive loads and ground movement

Unique ability to adapt itself to the substrate

Reverts back to original form

Does not contain any plasticisers or additives – no leaching

Does not shrink, lose weigth or become brittle

Animal and plant friendly ( 100% non toxic to all aquatic and plant life)

Tear strength and tensile strength greater than Butyl

Exceeds Butyl Rubber in over 60% of physical properties tested

Looks and feels the same as Butyl Rubber

Can be vulcanised in the same process as Butyl

Lifetime guarantee (Equivalent to 25 years under UK Commercial Law) 

Cheaper and a superior quality material to Butyl Rubber

Services provided by us

– Full or part installation service

– Site surveys

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