FLP’s Greenseal Lake Liners – the right choice

Wondering If Greenseal Lake Liners Are The Right Choice For You?

People in the UK have always been interested in having their own private lake on their property, and until know the only solutions were concrete and other fixed liners which are not only costly but also expensive to maintain. With Flexible Lining Products Greenseal Lake Liners, however, property owners are only required to make an initial investment. The installation process for Greenseal Lake Liners is pretty straight forwards and does not require persons performing the installation to have received previous training. Greenseal Rubber is a fantastic material that ensures a very large life span with practically no chances for it ever having to be replaced.

The company presenting Greenseal Rubber Lake Liners to UK based customers offer them the option of purchasing entire Greenseal in roll forms or Greenseal Lake Liners in prefabricated sheets that are already to specifications. This material does not incorporate any harmful chemicals or other hazardous substances, so that any wild life present will be able to flourish. Also, the costs for the manufacturing of FLP’s Greenseal Lake Liners are significantly lower than those for other materials which also incorporate natural rubber.

Greenseal Rubber products are 100% synthetic, in order to present its customers with a further reassurance as to the characteristics of the Greenseal Lake Liners, all FLP’s Greenseal products come with a life time guarantee against any latent manufacturing defects. Unlike most other materials used for lining lakes and ponds, Greenseal Rubber Lake Liners are extremely easy to repair, and any tears or leaks can be repaired within one hour. The process of preparing the surfaces which accommodate the greenseal lake liners is not different from the processes required for other techniques.

First, you need to mark the dimensions of the future lake or large pond. Shape and size are not an issue as FLP’s Greenseal EPDM is a very versatile material and can be cut to very precise specifications. The next step is to excavate the surface according to the specified depth ensuring that the necessary precautions for under membrane drainage / gas venting if required. The final but probably most important step is to ensure that not only the anchor trench detailing is correct but steps are made to ensure the liner is covered for both cosmetic and practical reasons before actually filling the surface with water..

In the UK, Flexible Lining Products Limited created their own brand name and now registered trade mark Greenseal Rubber Pond & Lake Liners offering its customers with full support in terms of guidance, and installation services (part of full). This type of product is especially designed and fabricated to be used for lining lakes and ponds, and for any other uses customers are advised to make inquiries.

Anyone considering pond or lake liners should use materials that are suitable for their purposes, and avoid products which could fail prematurely i.e. not being UV stable, thus making Greenseal Rubber far superior to other materials, including PVC which is notorious for its predisposition to cracking on the surfaces which are not covered by water, or protected from the sun.

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